Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Most recent update

I have been awful about updating this but there isn't really too much to add until she arrives.  I have been going weekly for non-stress tests and Ob appointments.  We had a follow-up ultrasound about a month ago and they discovered that I had a slightly high fluid level.  Two weeks later they did another one and there was no increase in fluid level and the defect is stable (no change since 20 weeks).  My body is handling pregnancy as well as it can aside from the usual aches and pains.  My blood sugar level has been stable since I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and changed my diet.  My blood pressure has also been fine and little Lily is quite feisty on all of the NSTs.  On Friday I will be at 36 weeks.  I am grateful to have made it this far but I know there are many challenges to come.  I will leave you with some pictures of baby Lily at 34 weeks